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September 18, 2011 at 10:53 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

– Wondering where I’ve been?  Computer died a few weeks ago.  Just got a new one that we are setting up tonight!  Lots of photos to come soon.

– Tried these brownies that were supposed to be one of Oprah’s favorite treats and hailed as the best brownie by Cook’s Illustrated.  They delicious but I think I’m just not a brownie person.  I’d rather have ice cream, cookies  or pie.

-I lost Scarlett at a clothing store and found her in the dressing rooms trying on clothes.  The attendant told me she waited in line and politely asked to try on a princess dress she found.  She was given her own dressing room and when I found her, she had her hand on hip and was admiring her new outfit in the fitting room mirror.   I’m still surprised the attendant didn’t ask where he mother was.

Octopus Hotdogs were a huge hit for dinner.

– Exhausted.  Goodnight.


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  1. what a great story about s. i love it!

  2. How long did you have to look for her and how close to having a heart attack were you? That is such a cute, funny story, but man… I would have been freaking out!

  3. I am still laughing about that story. She is the funniest girl. Love her!

  4. Funny/scary story about Scarlett. I also wanted to tell you that the Foster’s Market Brownies are wonderful. I do not like brownies, at all, and I love those brownies and can eat way more than is good for me. I cook them at 350 and for about 50-55 minutes though. Otherwise they are just way underdone. Everyone compliments me on them when I make them and Scott’s family expects and hopes I bring them to family functions.

  5. WOW! I have to re-iterate everyone with too funny & scary at the same time! Love how grown up she is. Uh, I’ll just go try this on, thanks! :D

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